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i'm jon scott. thanks for watching and keep it right here on fox news channel. we'll see you again next week with another edition of fox news watch. >> >> good morning everyone, it's sunday, september 5th, president obama headed on an economic tour to sell his new plan to create jobs. but it still involves millions in spending, so will the american people buy it. >> and the mid term elections just two months away now, can you believe it? and some democrats getting nervous, we'll tell you what preemptive moves they're taking to try and keep control of congress. >> and a teen says he was asked by school security to stop flying the american flag on his truck because get this, it could make others uncomfortable. so why would old glory make people uneasy? our slogan this hour comes
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from katherine in illinois. "fox & friends" keeps us up-to-date, airing a show that's always first rate. i like that, mixing it up. >> it's "fox & friends." >> good morning, look who is book, alisyn camerota back from vacation. did you miss us? >> yes, i missed you terribly, i had to drink my sorrows away every day. >> that's what you call it. >> oh. great to see you guys, though. >> great to see you alisyn back this morning because it's labor day now, what's the rule, wearing white and trying to fit in the white outfits. >> enjoy this now, i will be retiring this dress as of tomorrow until memorial day. >> you're allowed to wear white. dave, you're wearing the white seersucker tomorrow. >> it might make it appearance. >> i think you know the suit. >> i thought it was beige. >> tomorrow, mr. furley shoes,
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too. >> fantastic. well, in the meantime, let's get to your news, we have some headlines for you, and also an extreme weather alert because the remains of tropical storm earl are playing wind and rain through new foundland. it went through nova scotia, a man drown while trying to rescue a fellow boater. and new england saw earl, i was there, it was nothing, beach erosion in cities along the coast. karzai's office says members will include various afghan and jihady leaders, former taliban and some women and this as an n.a.t.o. service member was killed in fighting in afghanistan's southern region. the death is the 6th among n.a.t.o. fighters in afghanistan this month and five of those were americans. a key piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill probe is on its
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way to a nasa facility in louisiana for scientists to analyze. a crane hoisted five story-300 ton blowout preventer to the surface yesterday. the massive device may hold important forensic evidence as to why it failed. triggering the world's largest accidental oil spill. a new preventer. a suspicious twist in the moan trail regarding the mosque. according to the post, the prior owners were offered 18 million dollars by a developer, but for some reason they turned it down and took 70% less from mosque developer el-ga mal. he got it for 4.8 million dollars. the widow of the prior owner, steven pomeranz insisted that he was the only bidder for the old site. the medal of honor will no
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longer be sold, allowing the players to act as taliban and kill u.s. troops in afghanistan will be pulled, quote, out of respect to those we serve. last month, on "fox & friends," karen meredith who lost her son in the iraq war told us why she was opposed to the game's release. >> just come off the worst month of casualties in the whole war and this game is going to be released in october? so, families who are burying their children are going to be seeing this and playing this game. i just don't see that a video game based on a current war is-- makes any sense at all. >> well, the game maker, electronic arts is set to release medal of honor next month. those are your headlines. >> all right. let's check in with rick reichmuth this morning, yes, indeed. there he is. and hey, rick, it's much cooler and i'm loving this. >> isn't this nice?
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we had five days in a row of 90's across the northeast, a major heatwave. look at the blues, 50 that's and 40's and lighter purple. 30's across areas of minnesota and cold air in, it's not going to stay, but coming in waves throughout this week or so. that we'll see some kind of dips and see a little bit of cold air. no real rain to speak of. anywhere across the u.s. the eastern part looking great and across the south a few showers into florida and this bit of a system will bring showers across the far northern plains today. aside from that, things are pretty calm. we're going to continue to watch the tropics and this is was gastone and people will see redevelopment over the next couple of days and yesterday the wave that was here and it's a little more interesting right now and this could be some tropical development and a little more interesting, closer to land. and we could see maybe some developments in around the texas area this week and certainly a lot of rain in across areas of texas and just a matter of how much wind we
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see along with that. the temperatures today. a lot of 90's out there and clayton for you 107. >> i was going to say, feels leak we're all here. >> that's an apple cider weather. >> feels like fall, like a big week ahead for the president and for the democrats. it's pretty much now or never as far as laying out an economic agenda to try and spur the economy, but more importantly, trying to get some legislative winds-- legislative wins ahead of the november mid terms. what can they do with so little time left? not much. >> the president headed to wisconsin and ohio trying to drum up support for what the white house is calling this morning, positive news, so they're spinning this in a way that, you know, most of the mainstream media, just about everyone on friday when the jobs numbers came out, didn't find the positive news. the white house thinks 67,000 additional jobs that private companies hired was more than the 40,000 they thought they would hire. that's the one area that the president's going to hang his
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hat on this. >> they need twice that to keep up with population growth. >> right, of course, the unemployment rate did tick up again to 9.6 from 9.5. here are some of the measures that the president is going to go and talk about in milwaukee on tuesday, more tax breaks for small business, obviously, so many people have been calling for that, that would be good news for small business owners. new spending on infrastructure, and then possible option that he would have to call upon congress, the act of extending research and development tax credit. what's interesting, there's a second one, right. >> new spending on infrastructure because lots of critics are saying this is the second stimulus. >> right. >> well, weren't we supposed to already be spending on infrastructure, shovel ready packages and the white house says it's knots a second stimulus, nothing akin to the 814 billion that's already been spent and it would be a much, much smaller number. >> and for two reasons they know that stimulus is incredibly unpopular and
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there's money left and there are various reasons, but it clearly is clear that the president wants to layout taxes and that's the agenda to try to appeal to some of the republicans, try to appeal to the middle class that we're going to lower your taxes, lower business taxes. that's the main pitch ahead of november. >> and 30 billion dollars additionally for small business loans. that was a big thing and a lot of people saying why didn't this happen much sooner? a lot of people thought that small business growth would have been the reason to stimulate the economy. that's something the white house didn't do up until now and of course, republicans are saying, look, this is just one more stimulus when you add this up. take a look at the screen though. this is what the budget predictions, the deficit budget predictions are from the economic team. this is a record right now. 1.4-- 1.47 trillion this year. and it could drop down to 1.42 trillion in 2011 and that of course coming from the white house economic team.
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>> let's look what the president has in store this week, what the schedule is. tonl, a labor day rally in milwaukee that he'll be visiting and then his big speech, the big economic speech will be out of cleveland. on-- >> wednesday. >> wednesday, thank you. and then on friday. >> friday. >> he'll be having had a news conference at the white house and we understand he chose that place in cleveland, that location of cleveland because that's where john boehner had given a speech about the problems with our economy. so the president is trying to counter that. >> meanwhile, the democratic campaign committee chairman, chris van holland has been pushing for something interesting. which kind of flies in the face of what the white house has been saying, which is possibly an extension of those push tax cuts for the wealthy. in fact, chris van holland actually giving a speech to pbs. take a listen to what he said. this might fly in the face of what president obama and timothy geithner had to say about it, take a listen.
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it seems to me the big issue is republican demand for permanent tax cuts because they're not saying only, let's keep this going for one more year. that could be part of the discussion. >> he says it's on the table extending the tax cuts and possibly making it one more year, you don't want to do that in the face of recession he's saying. >> yeah, raising taxes, everyone could agree that's a tough thing to sell and tough thing to work in this count. why is chris van holland important? because he's in charge of the democrat's congressional campaign. the face of this thing going into november so if he is open to it, you have to figure many other dems are in line and there are some like ben nelson, three or four democrats who have come out in favor of exabout tending that wealthy bush tax. but you haven't heard from the president on that or nancy pelosi and hard to know if chris van holland was giving us a telescope in the future if that's what we'll be hearing. >> i don't think so. >> or for himself there. >> because treasury secretary
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tim geithner is on the record saying he's one of the reasons we're in this mess is because of the bush tax cuts and allowing them to continue at the white house is not something that's favorably. >> and meanwhile, van holland as we talked about he of course is the chairman of the d triple c. and make sure they're in the house of representatives and what he, van holland is talking about doing, something interesting on the front of new york time. calling it political triage. looking at new polling data just out and see who has gained some traction in the past month. if you haven't gained any traction recently, they're actually thinking about sacrificing you, democratic member of the house, so that they could put their resources and money towards those who are locked in really intense battles who might win. >> yeah, go out to dave's home state of colorado. this is the fourth congressional district there, representative betsy marky right now if you look at the
7:12 am
poll numbers, 11 points behind out there. that's a huge problem up against cory gardner, up by 11 points. they say, okay, that's an example where they might say that's a lost race. we'll have to rejigger that and put it into the races that we can save. >> giving up on the people, but they are going to redirect some of the national money and who else, let's run through some quickly, perelio in virginia, the incumbent could go and kilroy in ohio, spratt in south carolina and betsy marky and six targeted they say may not have gained traction in the polls and may have to concentrate on others and republicans need around 40 to gain control of the house and make john boehner the speaker. so that's all that democrats want to do right now is try to maintain a slim majority. >> and van holland alerted them, it's not the first time this morning.
7:13 am
>> they woke up and read the times. >> of the d triple c. >> we only need 214 seats for majority. who told us that? it comes down to math. let us know if you think the plan will work for the democrats this morning. we'll talk with our political panel. we told the president's plan to boost the economy and some say that democrats are just at a loss when it comes to creating jobs. our political panel weighing in on that next. >> do you sleep with your cell phone in your bed? >> yeah. >> i think you're looking at three guilty culprits. you're not alon. the startling number of us who cannot put the phone away, even when we're catching z's. interesting grooming.
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thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check.
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>> welcome back to "fox &
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friends." new numbers showing unemployment now, 9.6% and while president obama is set to announce emergency initiatives this week to try to jump start the economy, some day dems are at a loss when it comes to solving political problems and on the radio, democratic strategist and a senior fellow project 21en and a fox news contributor. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> we said at the intro, at a loss. are democrats at a loss. we have two months until the election to hang their hat on a project. a lot of these aren't popular with the american people. >> well, here is the ash here, the democrats are very much in a tight spot as it relates to the economy and a devastatingly deep hole and there are no magic bullets. will they solve all the problems, no, because we're in a deep recession, but they will help. the small business bill, lending bill that's waiting in
7:18 am
congress that the senate republicans are blocking despite having helped write it. that bill would be a lifeline for manufacturing and construction companies who rely on loans to meet the payroll. >> a number of people disagree with you, including the publisher of the nonpartisan rothenberg political report. he said this week unless and until the public becomes convinced that the obama policy is working that jobs are created. it doesn't matter how many speeches the president gives, promising to fix the economy. james, do you agree with tara or disagree? >> i disagree with tara. the country does have no confidence whatsoever in the administration and i think it's high time that people agree that keynesian economics don't work. the government cannot bail the country out of this. we need small businesses to be unleashed and let go and no government program or policy or speech is going to
7:19 am
accomplish that, only tax cuts are going to accomplish that and only deregulation is going to accomplish that. >> another big problem for democrats is the recent polls, a gallup poll, most people saying they'd rather have a republican newcomer than a democrat and they're not worried about independents, they want republicans in there. that's a huge problem. >> the polls are a reflection of the policy of the white house that the people are not happy with it. it's too little too late with the economy. it's going on almost two years now. it's too little, too late. the spending the deficit the debt. unemployment keeps going up and almost 800 billion dollar stimulus bill which didn't stimulate anything, bailed out-- >> it might be too little, too late and we'll have you respond and the president waiting now to do this middle class bill even despite what the republicans have done, 20 months into his administration. next with our panel, young voters helped put president obama and democrats in office and now that none of them can find jobs they're living with
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mom and dad after college and leaving the party. what it means for november, also. big changes to craigslist, the controversial section that the website is now shutting down when we come back. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? got the gecko t-shirt... on is "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away.
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>> well, they helped elect president obama, but now, young voters seem to be turning on him. a new poll from the pew research shows the number of young or millennium voters who identify themselves as democrats has fallen dramatically since the 2008 election. does this spell disaster for the dems. we're back with our panel. let me start with you, does this spell disaster for democrats, losing that base of voters who were excited as
7:24 am
never seen before to elect president obama. . >> the words hope and change does not show a plan and young voters know that redistributing wealth does not provide jobs. kids out of college are moving back home as you mentioned in the intro, it unfortunate. we need jobs and an economy. >> does age matter at all. the kids are moving back home and the leadership run by democrats, the white house, senate, the house, what are this he going to look to. >> clearly when you're in power they look to you and young people are frustrated, they're anxious and understandable. at the same time a lot of polling that spells trouble for democrats is not great news for republicans. it's not like the republicans are lighting the world on fire. young people remember that republicans ran up the bar tab and skipped out on it. and are the measures of democrats working as well as they like, no, they're not. at least they're making an effort and trying and there
7:25 am
have been positive results and 3 million jobs is a lot for those whose jobs that counts for. >> some positive in the fact that the republicans aren't doing well either, but you do have a point and james, tara has a point. the republicans aren't lighting the world on fire and some democrats don't reflect highly on republicans. in fact, independents and tea party members seem to be faring the best in a lot of the polls. it's true, but the real issue is, aren't republicans and democrats, generational, the baby boomer bailout, those have come home to roost and what young people are recognizing is that the boomers and the generation that came before them, the generation that calls all of this debt, all of these bailouts and the generation after that are going to have to pay for it and i think that's sinking home, souring the millenials against democrats who are in office and who did triple down on it and the republicans as well.
7:26 am
>> and it's interesting when you look at some of the young voters, what they're saying, we receive a lot of e-mails, tweets, facebook messages, we want all the bums thrown out. republicans and democrats. is that what we're seeing among young voters, discontent across the board? >> it looks like a lot of change going on the upcoming election. the young voters are smart, they realize they want jobs, jobs now and you don't impose policies that are going to take jobs away like the drilling ban in the gulf, for example, 23,000 jobs. >> final word, how do democrats get the young voters back in two months, can they? >> i think the democrats may need to focus-- i'm different from most strategists, i think we need to focus on policy and doing the right thing. i think that good public policy is good politics and focus on things that will get people back to work and that's what democrats need to focus on and call the republicans out when they block those things. >> final word, can democrats do anything in the next two months to turn the ship around? . no, they can't do it. they had their chance, done everything they could with the
7:27 am
bailouts and-- >> and it's less than two years, come on, less than two years of time and we don't get into that kind of hole as deep as we are and get out of it overnight it's just not reality. >> leave it there. >> it's not reality. >> we'll continue this gra great discussion in commercial break among ourselves. dave and aly, what is coming up. >> millions of americans are deep in debt and in danger of losing their home. a new plan coming up next. >> a teenager told to take the american flag off his truck so it wouldn't make fellow students uncomfortable. you've got to hear that. >> what's a labor day without a good barbecue. about burgers with a twist, former top chef contestant, ryan scott. there he is, grilling it up this morning. ♪ proud to stand on our own
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>> >> wake up everybody. it's your holiday weekend. but we're here bright and early, great to see you guys. clayton is playing air horn. >> air piano. >> i don't recall a big keyboard.
7:32 am
>> it looks good. >> here is a question for you, america, do you sleep with your cell phone? to me nothing ruins a night of sleep quite like the cell phone. here we are, we all do this, more and more every day are sleeping with these darned devices. >> look at the numbers, 60% of adults in the study have slept with their cell phones on or next to their bed and a lot of people aren't using land line telephones anymore and people put their phone where they need it to be. next to the bed. >> here is my question who are the 35% who are not doing that? is this not normal. >> i hope not. >> i want our viewers to write in and explain to me. >> i thought we were abnormal. >> uncell phone next to you in case there's a phone call. >> a lot of people have the charger hooked up by the bed stand. i have my charger hooked at my bed stand and often i'll put in a pod cast, slide it under my pillow and go to sleep. >> i use mine as an alarm clock, also, in the morning
7:33 am
and need it next to me. what i don't need is my land line i also slept with last night. >> what. >> i slept with in my bed, my land line. >> who has a land line? >> i do. and the reason i slept with it, because it rang last night hat 10:30 in the middle of the night and i had to get up and put it under a pillow. >> it was a telemarketer, the only people that call land line phones anymore. >> no, my close friend. >> do you sleep with it near you. >> about a foot from my head and ruins my night and most age 18 to 29 sleep with it on next to the bed. >> i go to sleep reading e-mails and wake up to the alarm on my phone and men sleep with the phones slightly more than women. >> i believe so that. >> i believe that and a narrow gap there. >> this is how people are waking up in the morning and 23% of americans admit the first thing they do in the morning, roll over and check facebook or twitter or reading
7:34 am
news headlines on a mobile dwees. device. >> it can't be good for us. adults, listen to this, texts a meeting of ten texts a day. low frankly. teenagers 50 a day. >> that sounds low. >> girls are like 300 a day, if they look at the boy and girl break down, boys a lot less than 30% fewer texts than girl. the main form of communications. >> the next one, i think this may be why we are getting it so close and i know this to be true, 91% of us say cell phones make us feel safer. >> i don't. >> i feel much safer. >> it makes me feel connected that i'm not going to miss a news headline or an important e-mail, but no, i was-- i've said this many times, i wish i could get rid of this thing forever. >> you've thrown your iphone a number of times and broken it. >> it keeps coming back. >> it's like a boom araining. >> i've got an idea. >> that's what my dad does, a
7:35 am
realtor at night and shuts it downen and they're supposed to be a time to set for work. after dinner it powers it down so no one can get a hold of him. >> let us know if you sleep with your cell phone. in the meantime, here are your headlines. the massive earthquake that rocked new zealand may have ripped a 11 foot wide fault in the surface. the 7.1 quake pushed up surface areas by at least three feet. at least 500 buildings were demolished aen experts say aftershocks could last more months and miraculously, nobody was killed. the adult services on craigslist is over for now. the section has a black bar as you can see with the word sensored over it. more than a dozen state attorneys general have been pressuring craigslist to drop the section on grounds there were not enough protections against potentially illegal ads. it's not clear if the section of the site is permanently
7:36 am
closed down. and robert shimmel has died from injuries suffered in a car accident. he was waiting for a liver transplant at the time of his death. a frequent guest on late night and he was 60 years old. the white house will launch a new mortgage program on tuesday, designed to save home owners who owe more than their homes are worth. under the plan, banks that write-down mortgages to less than the home's value can hand off the reduced loan to the federal government. the buyers would then be refinanced back into the federal housing administration loans and the white house hopes to have more success with this plan than with the other mortgage programs with half the home owners enrolled dropped out. a student add a colorado high school is ordered to remove a large american flag from a pickup truck. jeremy stoepel says the security guard told them that
7:37 am
it might make other kids uncomfortable. >> really? >> really is frustrating, just cause, i mean, i don't see, i don't see the reasoning. it's not unsafe, i mean, i haven't secured, it's know the disrespecting the flag. they don't touch the ground. >> the school says it was unaware of incident and had no policy against flying the american flag and anything that disrupts the educational environment, the school's principal says she plans to talk with the security guard about that issue. >> i say that's a pretty good idea. sports weekend, first weekend of college football, a few surprises, none bigger than this. say it ain't show, shep smith. jacksonville state upset shep's old miss rebels in a stunner. down 7 in double overtime and a fourth and 15 touchdown from the 30 and they go for it and that looks like tim tebow throwing the ball and somehow the conversion to go in double
7:38 am
overtime and jacksonville state over old miss, 49-48. to atlanta where north carolina entered a huge matchup with lsu with nine starters suspended and 13 players overall. before that they come storming back in the second half, trailing 31-10. that a 97 yard touchdown, the longest in school history and carolina could have tied or won had that pass, he couldn't hang onto it. 30-24. lsu escapes. let's get outside to rick reichmuth who is doing some labor day grilling burgers, buddy. >> it's all about burgers on labor day, barbecue, the last chance you have and i've got to tell you the weather is really good for barbecue. >> find my coat. >> a little chilly or the chef so he's going to wear a blazer while barbecuing. >> a couple of twists, you'll do the mediterranean burger and i'll do the cuban one.
7:39 am
meat burgers or you my friend and veggies. a cuban burger, want to mix it up. >> and here is the orange juice, a little bit, mix it with, there you go, top chef challenge and a little paprika and garlic powder and mix it up and we are going to brush it on the burger on the grill. tidbits about cooking neat, are you ready for this. a lot of people dip the hamburgers and big on top and the meat is raw on the inside. it's a ball. take this quick and put an indentation in the middle of this hamburger and that's it, cook them around evenly around the whole burger, like we've done before, i want to give you hot points and low points of the grill. you want to find the hottest part of the grill to throw it on there and feel for it, make sure it's good. and set it there the three or four beer time. have a couple of beers, walk through, leave it alone. the more you fitting with it
7:40 am
the more it gets missed up. if you make the cuban one, make it for me. morning star farms burger, brush this guy for me, okay, that's my little cubano accent 0en that. are you with that. >> i got it. >> good. >> so we are going to brush that on, orange juice, a little bit of cayenne, garlic powder and the burgers done. this guy is finished and cook for a while ap one done for you. onions stewing with brown sugar, sherry vinegar, garlic and butter and made this onion marmalade and when it's finished and done on the mediterranean burger, caramelized and the bun for you done and put your burger there, hand me the spatula, all right. got it. this is going to be yours my friend. okay. we'll set mine up. my guy is right here. >> i've got a question for you. >> yes. >> you grilling corner, the husk on or off. >> it's going to steam it, but
7:41 am
i like to take the husk off toward the end and grill it. >> a couple of seconds. >> okay. >> 30 seconds. >> you make your burger i make mine, okay, right there, rick, the good stuff. goat cheese and garlic and olives and whole thing together a spread for your burger. that's what that looks like there and i'm going to take mine and put a little bit of pickles, with a cuban aspect of it. a little bit of onions on top and i've got a little bit of corn relish and arugula for that bite. okay. on top of the morning star burger here and smoked provolone and we're good to go. this is burgers at 7:30 in the morning. >> and on your labor day. i hope your labor day party does not include suits or burgers at 7:30 in the morning. more at 9:30. >> delicious, i love that ryan
7:42 am
said three to four beer time. if aly would be doing that that burger would be on the grill for four weeks. >> i nurse those. >> or three or four martini burger. they're both orange, can one replace the other? how carrots could be the new dorit doritos. >> and remember this ad, carly fee rina, a sheep in wolf's clother and a many americans are getting the updates from these ads. we'll show you. >> ♪ [ female announcer ] yopit's real fruit and the goodness of dairy gives you a little slice of happy. and happiness comes in 25 delicious flavors. yoplait. it is so good.
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now what if we told you it was a john deere? prepare to have your expectations shattered by the all-new gator xuv 825i. go to tsee what makhis the fastest, most powerful gator yet. >> your news 0 by the numbers. 9 million dollar, how much money was found stuffed in an oil drum buried in el salvador. authorities believe it's drug related. 48% the amount of americans
7:46 am
currently taking prescription drugs up 4% from ten years ago. the common meds, cholesterol lowering drugs and anti-depressants and finally, 25 million dollars, that's how much the baby carrot industry is betting to take down doritos, as the ultimate snack food. carrot growers nationwide hired a profile ad agency to have kids think that baby carrots are sexy and extreme, special dipped in ranch. >> sexy. the 9th anniversary of 9/11 is this saturday and in night of the recent mosque controversy tensions are very high. many mosques across the country are increasing security in response to the announcement of protests, but should americans be practicing religious tolerance on this day instead. joining us now a fox news religion correspondent, jonathan morris to talk about it. >> good morning.
7:47 am
>> there seems to be a bit of tension across the united states right now in certain quarters, the ground zero mosque protest and the end of ramadan and the seemingly-- >> september 11th. >> and september 11th. how-- talk about religious tolerance at that time, how can there be responsible. >> i think there's a lot of tension, a lot of tension no doubt. a lot of people are saying so what do we do something. i want to do something, is something wrong with it, but at the same time there are real dangers in this country. the good news, in other times of history as we were talking during the break, clayton, in other times in the united states there was a lot more religious tension and we've gotten through it. lower manhattan has a 12 foot brick wall around it, during the 1840's people wanted to burn down the church because there was anti-catholicism. there have been major, major challenges we've overcome. >> and a strange coincidence happening this september 11th where the muslim holiday that marks the end of ramadan
7:48 am
happens to fall on september 11th. so, muslims are worried that the festivities they'll be having the celebrations they'll be having will be miss interpreted and it sounds like it will involve some religious education. >> what we have to do is avoid any images or groupings of people that could then be put out on the web and be misinterpreted as anger or hatred and there are all sorts of examples. let me tell you a story after 9/11, something my mother did, had a big impact on our family and repeat it. there was a woman in our neighborhood, who wore a berka and after september 11th my mom knocked on the door, i wanted to introduce myself. i'm sure it's a tough time for you, great respect for your family and they became great friends. it's that type of thing in our local community saying let's get to know each other. that doesn't mean there's no dangers, doesn't mean, there
7:49 am
for islam is the perfect religion. stepping out and having conversations, a great way, i believe, to diffuse tensions during the tough times. >> that's wonderful. and your personal level just doing it at that organic level that's really nice, father, thanks for the reminder. >> all right, father. coming up on the show, ten years ago the u.s. was one of the best places in the world to find a job and now we're among the worst. the surprising numbers out this morning, at the top of the hour, they're going to blow your mind. >> from distinctive clothing, classifying this as hipsters. could the view of the world be hurting their generation, what is a hipster? we are going to find out momentarily. >> aren't you one of them?
7:50 am
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>> you know some of these folks, they call them hipsters. which is the dictionary describes as someone who rejects the establishment culture, advocates extreme liberalism and politics and life style, but our next guest says that young people adopting these philosophies could hurt the world for decades to come. steven crowder, a fox news contributor and columnist. the problem with mibsters. >> yes. >> i want the reaction that hipsters have to this. who are these people, paint me a picture. >> you can go down to the east village or williamsburg, people who want to fit into the alternative life style. in their quest to be different they oddly become the same and they fail to see the irony of that. the column is designed to help them, listen be yourselves little hipster. >> how do i identify these
7:54 am
days, clothe, music, taste. >> they look the same, you can tell by the clothing. this problem is ideologically they're the same. the problem is they think the same way, by default what they're told to think and the reaction, they don't like to be told that. >> and the reaction was not positive. apparently there is a group who is proud to identify themselves as hipsters and they were not so happy with your column. >> no, they accused me of hate speech and firstly, i don'tble in hate speech laws, because they ultimately only serve to legislate thought and opinions, but if you want to talk about that, talk about protected minority groups, you're born black, you're born jewish, you weren't born a moron. i mean, that's the point to this piece, listen, you need to think for yourself. don't just follow the crowd and now when you're looking at liberal ideology, look what's going on right now in the world, exespecially extreme, prevalent in the hipster
7:55 am
kingdom, that's not the place to be. >> anything, but with the hipsters, strikes me as the 60 he is a, 70's, 80's, as well. this a new phenomenon. >> no you're absolutely right. happening all the time. more often than not a fashion cycle to hant you, but now deals with philosophies and a world view and unfortunately, they're wrong and often times, i go ignorant when it comes to learning about the issues that matters and doesn't stop them taking an opinion that everybody else takes in an attempt to be different. >> the column is "the trouble with hipsters" check it out. steven crowder, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> a new report says the new strategy in afghanistan is to actually tolerate corruption. this is the whole point of the war to clean up the country. then, a key piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill disaster on its way to nasa scientists, could we soon get an answer into what caused this deadly explosion? host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
7:56 am
is a bird in the hand worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush. woman: really? appraiser: it's just beautiful, thank you so much for bringing it in. woman: unbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> good morning everyone, it's sunday, september 5th. the u.s. used to be the top destination for jobs, but we're now the worst. will president obama's new job plan do in you have to turn things around or put us deeper in debt? we'll explore that. >> a controversial video game about war getting banned from u.s. military bases. some say that's not going far enough. it should be banned altogether. we report, you decide. >> getting your mrel updates from goofy youtube ads like this one? probably get some big use out of that. what has dozens of politicians jumping on the youtube band wagon to make them. our slogan this hour from chas michael-michael in maryland, this team works so well like a beautifully written sonata, news from briggs, morris and camerota.
8:00 am
sonata, camerota? >> and you're watching "fox & friend friends". >> you think that sonata and camerota. i love it. >> we are going to have to put him on the payroll and slogan writing. >> chas writes our slogans. we've got great grilling and labor day weekend, a lot of people on vacation this weekend. and alisyn duped me into getting the veggie burger. >> i think it's delicious. i'm eating the veggie burger, with caramelized onions anything is delicious. i thought aly was pulling a look at me, i'm a guy's girl, eating the burger. >> i can't believe you were fooled. >> i'm fooled. >> in the meantime we have a lot of news for you, let's get to the headlines, start with a fox news alert. five iraqi soldiers among eight people killed at a baghdad headquarters and militants tried to shoot their way into the building. the attack four days after the u.s. declared an end to the
8:01 am
combat roll in the country and security has been extra tight in baghdad in anticipation of new attacks to mark the change. remains of hurricane earl are now bringing wind and rain to new foundland. and nova scotia, one man drown after he tried to rescue a fellow boater. residents in new england got a sunny saturday after earl lifted through causing beach erosion and he was gone quick. a key piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill probe is on the way to a nasa facility in louisiana for scientists to analyze. a crane hoisted the five story, 300 ton blowout preventer to the surface yesterday. the massive device may hold important forensic evidence why the sales triggered the largest accidental oil spill. a new oil blowout preventer has been installed. new damage in the gaza strip.
8:02 am
three other people are missing, the israeli air strikes are in retaliation for a rocket launch. they were held for several days to not disrupt the peace summit in washington. the israeli prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president abbas have agreed to meet again next week in egypt, despite the new violence. crews are trying to figure out what started a fire on new york's sanitation pier. loads of trash and cars burned, sending thick black smoke into the west side of the city and the trailer where the fire began, housed a locker room for department employees and officials worried that the strong winds would spread to a nearby pier where fuel lines could have turned the blaze into a full-blown disaster. that didn't happen. here are your headlines. >> a check of the fall-like conditions out east and 31 right now in international falls, so good morning fall and international falls, and just to the south of it. 40's and 50's across areas of the central plains, but that
8:03 am
cold air spread down into northern parts of louisiana and in across arkansas and we had some temps in the 40's as you're weaking up and feels like a very, very nice thing after all the heat. as far as rain goes, not a whole lot going on, huge showers up across the great lakes and northern plains, we'll see a few showers today as well. but really, our eyes again are going to be on the trop ex-for much of this coming week and a couple of things to watch. this thing here not looking impressive, but most of the models indicate it will redevelop and become gastone again and potentially some impacts for the u.s. eastern seaboard, maybe toward the florida area, around seven to ten days around. and this one here could be more concerning, some models develop this and bring it on shore across the areas of mexico, nevertheless we'll get pretty significant rain this week in across parts of texas for at that moisture. you notice the dips here and what we'll continue to see under lating across the country. 83 today in rapid city and
8:04 am
tomorrow, only in the 50's. so, major temperature drop and we'll see the cold air moving in across the northern are the pa of the country. this week. warming up a few degrees and cooling down and feeling like fall, summer, fall, summer. >> did you say undulating. >> and i like that, and try to work that in. >> that will be great in the cooking segment next time. >> and let's talk about this, ten years ago, the u.s. had the best jobs rate, the best employment rate in the world. people came to the u.s., because they knew it was the golden land of opportunity and they had so many jobs. ten years later, we are somehow plummeted. >> unbelievable. >> to the worst in the world. so we actually-- the second highest employment rate ten years ago, now, we are the worst. >> yeah, and the problem is, that so many employers cut jobs significantly, look at alcoa, for instance, one of the companies out of pittsburgh highlighted in the piece that actually slashed
8:05 am
30,000 jobs, 30,000 jobs, but one of the reasons a lot of the companies now are sitting on hoards of cash. they made a lot of money. one of the quickest ways to get back to profitability, to slash jobs. other countries though, germany, for instance, japan, didn't necessarily cut as many jobs. they rolled back people's hours, but look at the numbers around the world. >> they're surprising and among the major economic forces. not all third world countries and smaller countries, the major economic powers. u.s. 9.7%, france 9.5. italy 8.7. so we trail, italy, trail sweden, we trail the u.k. all in the unemployment and that's just surprising to me, guys. i thought despite all of this we would still rank among the highest in the major economic powers, but we really are slipping. >> particularly after all the economic crisis throughout europement look at what happened in greece and yet, still, we are beneath all of them for employment because as clayton said, what the answer, what our big employers answer has been, it's to layoff people whereas other countries
8:06 am
have cut back on hours. >> and spending. >> and profitability. >> look at the numbers here. the top five best countries right now. take a look at your screen on this one. i'm shocked by this, especially japan. right? we're hearing about the economic troubles that japan is going through and could in fact look like the united states and yet, this is number two or jobs and netherlands, look at that, ten years ago. >> they're always up there. >> and germany is kind of a rock at number five and one of the things i wonder about this recession or depression whatever you want to call it. if companies realized they can make it, they can get bah by and turn a profit with fewer employees, what is their incentive to hire them back, if they found out, hey, we can make it on a thinner, leaner work force. >> and that's a great point. we see this, maybe there would be a double dip recession, some economists saying the fears of that are unlikely. but the companies are sitting
8:07 am
on hoards of cash and all the people we talk to from the fox business network say, they just don't have-- they're not spending any money. you know, 30 billion dollars in the bank and not hiring. >> sitting on piles of cash. all right, with two months left before these pivotal november mid terms, you're going to see the political ads pop up like crazy and see the yard signs stuck in the crash, that is little old school, but out there, but the new front in the political war is on youtube where politicians are turning, especially those that don't have a ton of money for media buys. they're doing their creative ads on youtube to get the attention of the younger voters. >> makes a lot of sense. when you holook at the number of young people watching the mobile devices and laptop communities. look at numbers from the pew poll. 18 to 29 year olds, 42% of folks say they're getting content from the internet. >> and we also know that a third of those 18 to 29 year olds, regularly get updates,
8:08 am
political updates, via youtube. let's take a look at some of the ads that you can see this season on youtube. thises a g.o.p. candidate, mattie fine. let's watch a clip. >> it was you that said you were for freedom of the press when you tried to block stories instead, saying how obviously you were. and it was you who said you were pro israel when in reality you were doing business with companies in iran. ahmadnejad was my boyfriend. >> my gosh! >> this is not your traditional political ad. >> do you think. >> you've got to get attention on youtube, a tough environment to compete so you really have to mix it up and be competitive and edgy and creative and that's what they're doing and striking a cord. >> they have to be short and sweet. we know the average length of a youtube video is two minutes. short and sweet. mike weinstein from florida, another ad they ran, take a
8:09 am
look with teens and-- >> ♪ ♪ mike, mike, mike, weinstein ♪ ♪ work aring hard for the usa. >> my gosh i'm voting to are that candidate, wron what he stands for, no idea, but i'm ro voting for him. >> that ad almost makes him hip. >> he wasn't the one singing. that's was thinking he was the lead singer, but not really. >> the one that got this going though, in garnered the most attention, the demon sheep from carly fee rina from the gubernatorial race in california. a lot of press and attention and struck a chord with the younger voters. take a look at the demon sheep. >> you see what he tells us,
8:10 am
or see what he's become over the years, an fcino. fiscal conservative in name only, a wolf in sheep's clothing. a man who literally helped put the state of california on the path to bankruptcy and higher taxes. might there be a better choice, someone who has not made a career of politics. >> i said governor, but-- >> i believe this one from alabama, i believe. watch this. >> here we are, losing three family farms a day. illegals bust in by the thousands and alabama unemployment set an all time high. what are my opponents doing. >> stealing the signs from the dark of night and he brags on facebook page, receiving contributions from industries he would regulate. bragging about receiving illegal money on facebook, and
8:11 am
who would support such a dummy. >> okay. that was agriculture commission he was running, but that sort of scott brown, remember he had the pickup truck and this is i have my horse, i'm comfortable here. >> and uses the word dummy. >> and let's also talk about something that hasn't been talked about, the campaign ads and the way in which things are regulated are different on web and the things you can get away with on the internet are different than the broadcast, and a totally different environment, excuse me for spitting, on the web. >> never mind we'll wipe that. >> do you check out and do you get political updates via youtube, we recommend "fox & friends" for your political news, a good place to turn. >> and get your supplemental information on fox news. >> right. >> the new strategy in afghanistan is to actually tolerate corruption, but isn't the whole point of the war to clean the country up? a former ceo operative is here
8:12 am
next to talk about it. >> we told you yesterday about a man trying to put up signs with religious messages on roadways, his town is saying no. we'll talk with him. >> who has a better burger, dave. >> i do. >> according to a survey, it's not mcdonald's or burger king, who did come out on top in the burger wars. i'll bet five guys. >> what about in and out burger? >> they're good, too. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. man with computer. if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, i'll get a check for the differencautomatically. [ale announcer ] when you orbitz, you know. i'll get a check for the differencautomatically. funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes! v8 juice gives you three of your five daily servings of vegetables. that's what i'm talking about! v8. what's your number?
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mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free! ♪ activia >> welcome back here to "fox & friends." well, the u.s. military officials now apparently have a new strategy in afghanistan to combat the taliban. it involves doing business with corrupt officials, but is this the right way to go? we're joined by former cia operative to talk about it. michael, nice to see you this morning, welcome to "fox & friends." >> thank you very much. >> i'm confused a little bit this morning because we keep hearing stories how corrupt the karzai government is, not to be trusted, not to be done
8:16 am
dealings with and this morning we're learning that the united states government may be behind closed doors meeting with these individuals and brokering partnerships. aren't these bums supposed to be thrown out? >> well, the problem for the united states, you can if you throw the bums out, who do you put in. the only entity with noncorruption in afghanistan is the taliban. i think the more important thing is though, who cares about the corruption in afghanistan? one would think that we're fighting a war to kill our enemies and that's where our efforts should be, should be put. but then who are the enemies there? because this morning, even, reading the cover story inside corruptastan. why are we making deals inside the karzai, perhaps we should be making deals in the taliban, they perhaps are less corrupt. what question is the right to ask in this situation? >> the right question is what is in the interest of the
8:17 am
united states and the american people. the answer to that question, as it was on 9/11 is to destroy as much of the taliban and al-qaeda as we can and then get out of that country. it doesn't matter to the united states who rules there or what kind of government they put in. >> so does it matter to the afghan people. we like to draw the illusions between afghan and setting up a stable government. if we believe success is a stable. should we think in afghanistan, a stable noncorrupt government. >> no, i think you see it unravelling as we speak. in afghanistan, one of the surest way to ensure war in that country, historically to try to impose a central government that works. afghanistan is overwhelmingly a country of local regimes, not even provinces, but villages, valleys, individual
8:18 am
places. the more you create a central government, the more you earn the hatred of the people, and the more money you waste, frankly. >> is the white house spinning this in a direction that makes it sound as if there's little or some corruption in afghanistan? looking at reports this morning, i'm seeing it's still ranked above somalias a the most corrupt government in the world. >> it is, it's corrupt from top to bottom. part of the reason, we've put in a lot of people who are nominally afghans and they know that when we leave and the taliban takes over again, they're going to be executed. so, what they're doing is trying to make as much money as they can and then make sure they get out before we're gone. and so, it's a nightmare that's unfolding. >> michael, great perspective this morning. former cia operative. we appreciate you joining us on "fox & friends." >> thank you, sir. >> let me know, clayton morris on twitter, should we be brokering a deal with the taliban or trying to go after our enemies altogether. >> coming up on the show, it's
8:19 am
a video game that lets the player act as the taliban and kill american soldiers and the u.s. military now banning the game on a military basis, should it be banned everywhere and by worrying so much about the separation of church and state are we becoming too secular. we're putting society in danger, she's here next to explain. [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer? one that has to be called pasteurized processed cheese product? [ lou ] or, one that can actually be called, natural cheese? ♪
8:20 am
here at sargento, we believe your sandwiches, burgers and panini deserve the very best. that's why our family's deli style slices are never processed, and always made with natural ingredients, for a taste that's authentically delicious. sargento. persnickety people. exceptional cheese.
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8:22 am
>> 6:22. mountain time. time for a few quick headlines and a huge brush fire threatening homes in southern california is now under control. 100 firefighters battled this blaze which stretched over ten acres near the city of yosh linda. and someone needs to check facts at the white house. the new rug in the oval office reportedly features a quote attributed to the wrong
8:23 am
person. the quotation is displayed as being from martin luther king, but actually by a boston minister often referred, referenced, rather, in king's speeches. doh. aly? is america moving away from faith? a he roux sent gallup poll show 16% of americans don't have a religious affiliation and 30% sate faith is out of date. is this quietly destroying our culture. the author of "saving leonardo, secular assault on minds, morals and meaning". welcome, nancy. >> thank you. >> a secular assault on minds, moral anding meaning. what do you mean by that. >> secular, any view that denies the insight of the american founders in the declaration of independence that writes or secure-- writes how inalienable, any view that denies that force of
8:24 am
right does not give an adequate base for human dignity and american freeman. >> i think that the perception is that the founders were intent on separating church and state. and people think that that was their ideal, but is that a misinterpretation of history and wh they intended? >> well, they intended to have a separation of institution of the state from the ecle ecclesiastical institution. and they borrowed from the church in england and christians that came up that church and state were to be independent. when we're not trying to take over the state like medieval times, we're saying that christian world view principles can leaven a civil society and give it the basic rights of human rights and dignity. >> you say that secularism is dangerous and you see illustrations all the time in schools. give me an example.
8:25 am
>> the book, saving leonardo starts with a stunning example. it's a book, hank the cow dog my son loved. and cbs made at one point a video out of this book for saturday morning cartoons. but what they didn't-- they changed it significantly. the book takes place on a family farm. excuse me, family ranch, a cattle ranch, it's a husband and wife, a little boy and ranch hand who lives down the street and cbs turned it into a video and suddenly they weren't married anymore and the woman had become the boss, a ranch boss and her husband demoted to ranch hand to work for her. and all three adults live in kind of bunk house and the kiddies period entirely. and what happened here? marriage, a trap for women, you know, family, an outdated and oppressive social institution, children, a barriers to women's career aspirations and by the way,
8:26 am
even if the cattle ranch was no longer a ranch, a scourge on the environment and turned into a chicken farm. even saturday morning cartoons for children are taken over by radicalized secular ideologies and helping people to recognize the idling when they perpetrate down to the culture, movies, film and tv. >> what a fascinating exploration of this. the book is "saving leonardo", thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> a new player who lets people acts a the taliban and killing u.s. ders. should it be banned more than the military? and one idea to pay off debt letting drivers speed, but of course, there's a catch. details coming up. interesting grooming.
8:27 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." dave briggs, clayton morris, alisyn camerota back from the cape. >> and enjoyed-- i'm very well-rested. a wonderful time on the cape and earl did not ruin my
8:31 am
family vacation and enjoy this white dress, it will be retired until memorial day. >> you're getting your fashion tips from kathy ireland, doesn't she say that. >> everyone says that. >> dave and i need to catch up on this. >> and a few weeks ago, we had an interview with the mother of a son, lieutenant ken ballard, who was killed in iraq, and an honorable soldier of course. and we've been following this story because medal of honor, the video game is about to hit the store shelves from electronic art and causing controversy because it allows players to play not only as american soldiers, but as the other side, the taliban. and fight against american soldiers and kill american soldiers. >> right, so this mom is very upset about it and she wants the maker, the manufacture electronic arts to pull this from the shelves. she finds it offensive, dangerous, just wrong on so many levels and we had her on "fox & friends," listen to what she had so say. >> just come off the worst
8:32 am
month of casualties in the whole war and this game is going to be released in october. so, families who are burying their children are going to be seeing this and playing this game. i just don't see that a video game based on a current war is-- makes any sense at all. >> well, she scored a small victory this morning, did karen. the game medal of honor has now been banned for sale on military bases which doesn't sound like a hlot, but is a big deal and considering how many troops purchase it on military bases all over the world and 176 million dollars in sales last time around. this is a big deal for karen, folks at ea, electronic arts, a game in which you are allowed to kill the american soldiers as a taliban. the criticism of medal of honor is disappointing, i can't think of another
8:33 am
interactive gam that has gone to such length to von way respect to are soldiers. from the first day, they've been dedicated to creating an homage to the soldiers who fight the taliban in afghanistan. . >> they hired special forces soldiers who worked closely on the development. game. look, it's the unenviable position to play devil advocate on the side of the game. we heard from veterans who said it's cathartic for us to play a game like this and they don't see, a lot of them wrote and said we didn't see a problem with it. there were two sides to the story, two sides to the story. >> right, i mean, so many things just obviously affects individuals differently, but the manufacturers have gone on to say they don't see it different from maybe a movie like hurt locker that depicts the war and explains what it's like and this is depicting an angle of it. >> the comparison quite frankly-- >> because, yes, it's a war going on and should there be no movies about a war going
8:34 am
on. is that entertainment. should we not pay for entertainment. >> this is a video game with kids, i mean, kids are picking up this video game and learning from the video games and unernl to spending eight hours a day. >> that's a misnomar. >> killing american soldiers. >> the number, the age group that buys this game and we had an interesting debate and i think it's fair when we did the sorry, the 32-year-old is the average age of the game purchasers, 32, not ten years old. a small victory for the ma'om who say american soldiers are in the height of the war going on there and to be glorifying in any way on the military bases at least in her mind and a victory for that family and our thoughts with them certainly. >> we'll keep you posted on that. your headlines, it's now been one month that the 33 chillen miners have been trapped 2300 feet below ground and families say they'll mark the anniversary, sounding horns and wristles for loved ones. for the first time yesterday,
8:35 am
miners got to speak to their families by closed circuit video link and officials are working on new drilling techniques to try to get the men out faster, but warn it could still take up to four months to rescue them. crew members from kentucky and florida have been identified as two people killed when an ups cargo plane crashed outside of dubai. the pilots were headed to germany when they crashed just after taking off from dubai international airport and investigators are trying to figure out what caused the plane to go down. it was reportedly up-to-date on all maintenance and recent recently passed inspection. >> more than 3 million pooh em have not received the flood aid they need according to the u.n. pakistani government reports nearly 1 million have received no help at all. monsoons which began in july swamped about one fifth of the country and left more than 8 million people dependent on aid. would you pay the government for the right to speed?
8:36 am
one candidate for governor in nevada is floating that very idea. independent eugene desimone, pooh em would pay to drive up to 90 miles per hour for a 24 hour period. >> i think he's right. >> it's an easy way to fill the struggling bank account and the nevada highway patrol is know not in love with the idea. thinking it could lead to more deaths. >> we know that deaths go up over 55 miles per hour. >> the battle of the burgers, mcdonald's, wiell, it finished dead last and the fast food giant has the least tasty patty of all 18 national burger chains, just above mcdonald's at the bottom of the list, burger king and jack in the box. so, who, you ask, comes out on top? well, in and out burger and five guys burgers and fries, both landed the highest ratings. >> imagine that, when you have like fresh ingredients and actually taste good you'll go
8:37 am
there. >> you're right. >> and that's the formula. >> it's weird how that works. >> brilliant. a nice lamb burger from yesterday, still sitting there. >> and let us talk sports, the first weekend of college football was not disappointing unless you're shep smith or an old miss fan because shep's alma mater, the rebels upset by jacksonville state. 4th and 15 from the 30. a touchdown in double overtime and then this two point conversion to win it. a mini hail mary, almost tim tebow like, jacksonville an upset and the quarterback at ole miss. matt lineart is in need of a job this morning, releasing the former heisman trophy inner with. anderson, cut by the browns, won the starting job, only the
8:38 am
seahawks and former couch at usc, pete carol are rumored to be interested. a heisman trophy winner in '04. >> what went wrong. >> maybe usc could go-- two cardinal rules of baseball. one as tom hanks said once, there is no coo crying in baseball whatsoever and two, no pink backpacks allowed in the dugout. that's what happened in st. louis where the reds phenomenal young pitcher is treated to good old-fashioned rookie hazing and that's a princess backpack, for me, i don't i don't see anything wrong with it. i think a real man wears a pink backpack. that's dave princess backpack, anybody got a problem with that. >> this morning i saw dave walking, i said is that a pink backpack you have. i left mine at home and had to take my daughters. >> takes a real man to wear a pink backpack. >> and sparkling as well and a gemstone on it. >> do you have a dora. >> my little girl hooked me up, man. hooked me up.
8:39 am
>> you're very macho to rock this. >> rick, please weigh in on this. >> i thought it was a big pimple he had on his back. >> oh. >> maybe i take that back, rick, don't weigh in on this. >> thank you, lose our appetite for the segment. >> sorry about that, before we go to-- and what kind of a great name for morton's steakhouse and we did burgers this morning and now let's get to the steaks. what does somebody need to know when you make a steak. i know you said there's flavor in the fat. how do you know the wrong kind of fat and good fat on the steaks. >> you want the steaks with marbling, you don't want long tracks of fat. with the ribeye, you want the fat in the middle you about looking for marbling kind of like here, specks in the meat. >> you don't want a steak that's red, no fat at all. >> exactly. too dry. especially if you're grilling, have the steaks with marbling, juiceness, flavor and tenderness. >> let's go over to the grill
8:40 am
and talk about this. what do you want to do for heat on a grill. >> when you turn on the grill. see the grill, it gets really hot quick. the gas grill. whether you use gas or a charcoal. it doesn't matter, it's up to you. charcoal you want to turn on the grill at least an hour before you need it and don't put the steaks coals away and big flames like the uncle that you have that burns everything. >> a glass of water. >> exactly. now with a gas grill, turn it on probably half an hour before you need it and wait until it gets to about 6 to 800 agrees. >> i always hear people say don't flip your meat, flip it, which is it. >> flip it, but not too much. once, maybe twice, this is thick we'll flip it more than once, what you're looking for, a nice crust and you want the grill hot. sear the meat and keep the juices in there and don't want to poke it with a fork, use the tongs. >> you want your steak to be
8:41 am
done to the right level, but every time you're afraid it's not going to be. i know there's a way to test without digging the knife in there. >> don't cut it up because you'll let the juices out and doesn't look nice. it's a test, compare the way the meat feels, the texture of your hand. so if you see here, see how, you know, spongy that is, compare that sort of based on your thumb. that's rare. >> what if you have a fat thumb. . >> if you have a fat thumb, layoff the steak, but eat less steak. >> yeah, all right. let's over to morton's a deal going on people can win a trip. >> if you go to morton' and win a trip to napa valley and have a dinner hosted by morton's and the legendadge mod family. >> and more burgers in the next hour. >> and tracy said burgers and steaks, why she's here and
8:42 am
we'll be talking about the check news. >> it's about medium rare. >> and here in the studio, yeah, bringing it. >> all right, coming up here on the show, there we go, the mid term elections two months away and some democrats are getting nervous, we'll tell you what preemptive move they're trying to take and keep control of congress this morning. >> plus, we told you about president obama's plan to rule out an economic boost, but will it do more horm than good? fox business's tracy byrnes next with how programs like cash for clunkers actually made things work. >> then we'll get her a burger.
8:43 am
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but, i'm a home. i'm always outside. i make being inside possible. look, do me a favor. get flood insurance. floods can devastate your home. fred, how you doing over there? i think this is gonna be a problem. see what i mean? hey, i know what i'm talking about. because i'm a home people. and, there's no place like me. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> president obama is holding a press conference next week to outline new economic measures to boost the economy, but what about some of those past measures like cash for clunkers and the home buyer tax credit? some evidence suggests now that these intended boosts
8:46 am
actually did more harm than good. tracy byrnes from the fox business network is here to break it down for us. we kept hearing how bad all of this was this week, and that the president is going to be rolling out more stimulus plans later this week. is it going to do more harm than good? >> it costs much more and get the end result they wanted? no, the housing market is way in the toilet. we have 12 1/2 month fly of inventory on the market. the average is seven months so we have a flood of homes out there. interest rates the lowest we've seen on record, under 4.4% and no one is doing anything. no one is-- >> right, i mean, the conventional wisdom would say that a tax credit or a tax cut helps to juice things so why didn't the home buyer tax credit work? >> because all it did was pull people off the bus maybe thinking about buying in the summer, pulled them in so they could get the credit. cost us 22 billion dollars when all was said and done between the three different credits they offered and cost
8:47 am
us so much money and it didn't fix the housing market. >> and some actually say that people actually tried to sell their homes prematurely and it flooded the market with inventory, but i wanted to get to cash for clunkers, it also boosted sales temporarily, in the short-term, a spike for the car industry and they were loving it. but what's the long-term effect? i think it's the used cars have actually increased because of this. >> right. >> talk about unintended consequences. i don't think anyone was thinking when they offered $4500 credit you had to turn in your clunker. part of the deal was the dealer had to destroy the car. >> right. >> so, in order to save the environment. right. so we destroy the used cars and now middle america going to look for used cars in a time when they're uncertain, prices are over, you know, 10% more than they were last summer because there's less used cars available. >>, but there's also a lot of fraud associated with it because it's clear that some of the car dealers pulverized
8:48 am
it, some are thought to be shipped overseas and made mind behind closed doors, what a wash it was. and they pointed out it may have prompted people to speed up the purchase of a car by three years, because of the program we are going to buy it now. is that a positive sign, can the government take the two, three year down the line with the home buyer thing and do it again somehow. >> what do the numbers look like three years from now when these people were supposed to be buying? we need to even these sales out. we don't need the ebbs and flows because it's making it complicated to figure out where we are, it forces people to sit back and wait, look, i've got a credit before, odds are good i'm probably going to get one again. i'm not moving until i hear about another credit and we've created stagnation and created uncertainly. if there's talk again of another home buyers credit i'm certainly not going to do anything especially when you
8:49 am
hear prices are beginning to fall. i'm not moving. >> what's the other option, obviously we need to do something for the housing market to get the wheels moving again. what should the government be doing if anything. >> nothing. >> and i think stop the uncertainty. you know, i know you guys have been talking about it, hearing this uncertainty, we don't know what's happening with our taxes, we don't know what's happening with our jobs. >> figure all of that out. let me know what my tax bill is going to be so i can plan and then i can make the decision that you know what, now is the time for me to buy a house, not you. >> certainly in the market. that's what everybody needs. >> tracy byrnes, the fox business network, thanks for being here. >> thanks, guys. >> on the show another private industry is facing the obama administration's wrath. how for-profit colleges could look for funding if not following the rules. >> a man putting up religious signs like this. and the town is saying no. he's live to explain his mission to us. ♪ . with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation.
8:50 am
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>> a new hampshire man's dream of filling america' roads with biblical signs has hit a roadblock. he wants to place the first sign and turn down the proposal and say it violates the rules. and he says he will he a fight until the sign is up and joins us this morning from massachusetts and good to see you, thad. thanks for being with us. >> good morning, dave. >> you call this signs for jesus and want to put these up all over the country with biblical passages. why do you want them up all over america? >> well, thank you for having me, dave. good morning. yeah, signs for jesus believes in the power of god and
8:54 am
transform lives. and i'm evidence of what god's work can do in someone's life and sadly, we don't have to look too far to catch a glimpse of a falling world. and so we want to erect the signs with the scrip tour on them. roman, faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the word of god so we want to put the signs up with the scripture on them and spark faith in the american people. >> conventional wisdom told you putting up a sign on property you own would be an easy task. not in the town in new hampshire, why did they have a problem with it and why did they turn down your request. >> prior to buying the land, in due diligence, we did look at the zoning ordinances and the signage ordinances do not
8:55 am
anywhere state that electronic signs are not allowed and additional to that the site review ordinances say that they are allowed after town meetings. so long as they don't flash, blink or flutter. the issue now is a lighting ordinance is that deal with light glare and pollution, light pollution. but we have provided the town of chichester, with information that the sign will virtually have no light pollution. the issue solely on light pollution as far as i can see it and it's kind of interesting to note that across the street we have two large gas stations full of light. so, we're, you know, i'm having a hard time understanding how this all applies. >> so the battle continues there in chichester, if in fact you win this one you want to go across the country, you don't want to buy up land. you want people to help you out and want them to allow you
8:56 am
to put up signs on their property. how are you reaching out to folks across the country. >> visit signs 4 and you know, you can contact me through the website or call me, but right from the very beginning, the lord impressed my heart. this is about the body of christ coming together and making this happen. so, yes, we're looking for people who have land across the nation that would be willing to donate a section where we could put a sign up. >> got it. signs good. signs 4 >> thank you very much. >> remember amanda knox, the american student convicted of killing her roommate in italy. well, a fbi agent who once thought she was guilty is changing his mind. he joins us live with why he now says the evidence just does not add up here and more controversy surrounding the ground zero mosque's financing. how the site ended up in the current developer's hands even
8:57 am
though he offered millions though he offered millions less than anybody else. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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9:00 am
>> good morning i it's sunday, september 5th, the president heading out onan economic tour to sell his plan to create jobs and it still involves billions in spending and will the american people buy it? >> dave: midterm elections around the corner and some democrats are getting worried, what they are doing to try and prevent bleeding seats, come november. >> clayton: remember the teacher investigated for discriminating against an autistic student, she's now facing more charges and should she have been in the classroom at all? we report, you decide, our slogan comes from russ in florida, labor day may be the cut off to wear white but whatever color ali and the guys wear, they are always a delight! >> alisyn: that's right. >> dave: very much appreciate it!
9:01 am
>> announcer: it's "fox & friends"! >> alisyn: russ, so very nice. and, this is the last hour you will see the dress will memorial day. >> clayton: hallelujah. >> dave: pack it way. >> clayton: welcome back to alisyn camerota from vacation and i'm clayton morris and dave briggs, let's start with headlines. >> alisyn: "fox news alert," five iraqi soldiers are among 8 people killed after a car bomb exploded at a baghdad military headquarters this morning. militants apparently tried to shoot their way into the building, the attack comes four days after the u.s. declared an end to the combat role in the country. security has been extra tighten baghdad in anticipation of new attacks to mark the change. afghan president hamid karzai announcing he formed a council to pursue peace talks with the taliban and his office says members will include various afghan and jihadi leaders and
9:02 am
former taliban and women and as a nato service member was killed in fighting in afghanistan's southern region, and a key piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill proceed is on the way to a nasa facility for scientists to analyze, the crane hoisted the blowout preventer to the surface and the massive device may hold important forensic evidence as to why it failed, triggering the world's largest accidental oil spill and a new blowout preventer... hmm... has been installed. and a suspicious twist in the money trail surrounding the mosque neither ground zero, according to the "new york post" the prior owners of the mosque site were offered $18 million for the property, by a developer. but, for some reason they turned it down and took 70% less money, from mosque developer sharif al-gammal, who got the property
9:03 am
for 4.8 million dollars and, the widow of the previous owner said he was the only bidder another site and steven slate er will n be sliding down any emergency chutes, he is no longer an employee and he faces legal issues, and, the 38-year-old is charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment when he grabbed beer, and triggered an inflatable emergency chute following a temper tantrum against a passenger. >> clayton: now he's working at senor frogs. and, he riled a crowd up there. >> dave: i guess he's on the jetblue no fly list as well! is that really still en question, if he was an employee. >> you have to make it official, man! >> dave: i don't know. >> rick: sure, we won't fire you, you need a second
9:04 am
offense... cool eer air is starting to make its way in and is feeling like fall, hurricane earl brought air in across the east and temps 20 degrees below where you were a couple of days ago and that is welcome news for a lot of people but behind that, not a lot going on, a bit of rain across -- around the great lakes and the far northern plains wean have rain as well a the tropics, two items that probably will develop, this here, not looking impressive, but the wave will likely again become tropical storm gaston and will move untowards the west and has potential of impacts, 7 to ten days from now and this, we are watching the national hurricane center, a 60% chance of further development and could become a tropical system and make its way towards mexico and the moisture will move north into texas and across parts of oklahoma and kansas this week and we could see flooding from so much moisture and your temps for the day, these greens across the far northern tier, more like
9:05 am
fall temperatures and it moves towards the far northern plains and rapid city, towards 59 degrees, a bit of fall weather out there, ready for it? >> alisyn: no, we're not ready for it. clayton? >> clayton: i love it but when i moved to helena, montana, september 21 and it snowed that day, the first day of fall and it didn't stop. >> rick: this is meteorological fall, meteorologically our seasons are by months and we start in september and we are in fall. >> clayton: you punks, you meteorologists do not pay attention to the calendars, like we do. >> alisyn: you make your own rules. >> dave: we turn this week as the president is expected to unveil big economic plans and there's a couple of questions, the democrats do, and, how do they get the economy turning in the right direction after losing 54,000 jobs and, two, how do they score political points that -- ahead of the midterms and how do they do both with the same economic plan. >> clayton: with two months left before the election, a tall order and the president trying to make positive news out of
9:06 am
these tough economic numbers, these jobs numbers we saw on friday, in fact the president yesterday in the saturday radio address calling it positive news. and, that because they -- the private sector gained 67,000 jobs, that was better than the 40,000 jobs, the private sector was expected to hire. and, of that, of course it comes on the heels of the other sectors of the economy that lost employment, and, those... unemployment numbers skyrocketing and that is what the president has to do this week, talk about them. >> alisyn: and tomorrow, he'll be at a rally in milwaukee and will try to put the positive spin on it and, then he's going to ohio, for a big economic -- big economic speech, on wednesday. and, so, yes, he has a lot to do and here's some of the measures they will likely be highlighting, first, the president plans to talk about more tax breaks, for small businesses, and will be welcome news, so many people have been clamoring for that, any sort of break for small businesses so they can hire again and then, next, new spending on infrastructure, that one is curious, because, that is what,
9:07 am
if you remember, the original stimulus was designed for, those shovel-ready projects. >> clayton: recovery. >> alisyn: and this is harder to sell, because, obviously republicans and critics say that is a second stimulus. >> dave: and that will be opposed, and the third one is extending a research and development tax credit, trying to get the companies to pour in money into research, developing new products, and, basically, a swap, though, one tax, for another, and, how will republicans counter that, they have to be at this point in favor of tax cuts, and we know they are in favor of extending the bush tax cuts and will be interesting to see how it plays out. >> clayton: that is a curious position for republicans who pushed the obama administration for the middle class businesses and the small businesses and now for them to owe pppose it will curious to see, and what they are hammering the white house about is this deficit, the
9:08 am
currents deficit predictions from the white house economic team, this is right now a record year for the deficit. huge, enormous. and a lot of economists say we cannot do anything, running these deficits. and, the white house predicting, 2011, it will drop down to $1.42 trillion in 2011. >> alisyn: as you know, the midterms are just two months away and all of this is really coming to the fore, and the chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee, or also known that's dccc is talking about things, opening the door, some people think, for the first time, to whether or not the bush tax cuts will actually be extended, for the wealthiest americans among us and that is not what nancy pelosi or the president talked about this but listen to this: >> it seems to me, the big issue here is on the republican demand for permanent intentax cuts, the
9:09 am
not saying owning let's keep it going one more year and that can be part of the discussion. >> part of the discussion, keeping the door open for that, going forward and extending them for one year and that is a big problem because we have heard from the treasury secretary, tim geithner, who thinks the reason we're in the mus in the first place is because of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. and one of the main reasons, he says, for them to continue, would be a political disaster, president obama also on the record for letting them expire at the end of the year. >> dave: it is clear the middle class tax cuts will be continued and the wealthiers 2%, looks like, again there is a possibility, 4-5 democrats who have come out publicly supporting extending thoe ininga year and a lot of things facing the democrats, for the election and what will the leadership do and how will they protect the majority in the house, that is their number one goal approaching november and apparently their effort is to protect the most vulnerable incumbents, they will shift money around and if you look like you are on the edge of losing, if you look like you
9:10 am
haven't gained traction in the last couple of months, money is not going your way and here's who you if you are waking up with us. >> alisyn: wake up, you six, again, the dccc is talking about -- actually not protecting them but almost putting them out to pasture because, if they... if they haven't shown any traction they might sacrifice some of these most vulnerable ones in favor of people who are locked in tight race where's they can pull out a victory. >> clayton: throw those on the screen, these individuals on your screen, actually won elections either in the past election or the election beforehand and took seats away from republicans, so, these are not in blue state area, especially betsie mark. >> chris: up there in kol readily, he's 11 points down right now in colorado, congressional 4th district and these seats are not blue-state seats and they might rejigger the money and they'll look at a
9:11 am
the next two weeks and they'll look at new poll numbers and, chris van hollen says, if betsie markey loses, they'll funnel it to seats they know they can win. >> dave: these are some, but not all of the people they -- 6, they could believe there are dozens and republicans need to gain 40 seats to get the majority to make john boehner the likely next speaker of the house and there is a heavy lift for republicans and some said they can gain as many as 60 but the estimate now is around the 40 mark. >> alisyn: and i believe nancy pelosi wrote a letter to some of the health members who are least vulnerable, asking them to send their money. to some of the most vulnerable. coming up, for-profit colleges, also known as career colleges, are they the nest private
9:12 am
industry, targeted by the obama administration and, there are new rules and they they will destroy them, we'll have that next. >> clayton: and he was asked to stop flying stars and stripes on his truck because it would make other people uncomfortable. why would the american flag make people uneasy? ♪ ♪ activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free!
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9:15 am
>> alisyn: the obama administration is proposing new regulations on for-profit colleges, also known as career colleges, and would make them ineligible for federal funds if targets are not met, and, we are joined now by lindsey mccluskey, president of the u.s. student
9:16 am
association and dan soyfer, education analyst and executive vice president of the lexington institute for a fair and balanced debate. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: dawn, research shows these career colleges graduate more students than do community colleges, and they also cost taxpayers less than community colleges. why is the administration going after for-profit career colleges. >> this is part of a strategy that will bring higher education, more efficient, so more americans can afford to go to college, or is it another part of a strategy to get americans addicted to government. >> alisyn: what is the answer to that, don no the cost -- >> the cost of college has gone up, in the u.s., the last 20 year, americans need to find solutions and a way to bring the cost of this sector down, so it is affordable. and, having more choices, it seems to me and not fewer choices is probably the smart way to go. >> alisyn: lindsey, let me play
9:17 am
what the administration said, to justify going after the schools with more regulations. this is arne duncan, secretary of education. i'll read it for you, he said: some proprietary schools, also known as for-profits, have profited and prospered but their students have not and this his disservice to students and taxpayers and undermines the extraordinarily important work being done by the for-profit industry and because of bad apples, it seems they are going after the industry as a whole. >> the truth of the matter is, for-profits higher education institutions are dependents on federal student aid and 77% of the revenue of for profit colleges comes from federal student aid and the fact of the matter is they don't prepare students to be successful in their post-college lives. one in five students that attends the for-profit college, defaults on their loans, and, within three years from
9:18 am
graduating the institution, and, so, there is also a number of problematic admissions and recruitment practices that these for-profit colleges have been evidenced to do such as, recruiting add homeless shelters to get students with low incomes to attend their college, to encouraging students to take out loans, lying to students about the actual cost of college, and, even telling students that they -- no one will come after them, if hey don't pay back their students loans. >> alisyn: it sounds like you are saying there are predatory practices and even the industry would agree there have been bad apples that have given them a bad reputation, however the research shows that they graduate more students than community colleges and in terms of paying back their debt, they are basically at the same amount, if you look at their earnings, of first and second-year graduates as four-year liberal arts schools, don, do you think the administration is targeting these for-profit schools
9:19 am
unfairly? or do you want to respond to what lindsey has said? >> well, it looks like there are problems that need to be addressed. but, for-profit colleges typically serve students with a slower demographic who have lower income, are more likely to pay back their loans, and, for-profit colleges really provide some of the most innovative education, for instance on-line education, that really is a good alternative, particularly for the growing number of nontraditional college students, maybe students who have a young child, or balancing their college education -- >> alisyn: you know, that is a great point, don and i want to get you, last, lindsey to respond, some say it helps minorities and women who have to take care of kids and may work on the side and it will hurt minorities and women most if these go away. >> and -- >> yes. i absolutely applaud any institution that makes it a priority to accommodate for having low income students, students of color, and women,
9:20 am
and -- attend their institution in a way that works for them, however, these colleges are looking to make a profit, they are not looking to serve these communities, their students are graduating and defaulting on loans and not able to pay them back and not able to be gainfully employed and we needed to provide programs, the federal government needs to provide more programs for students of color and low income students that will be able to help them be successful post college that will be able to pay off their loans, to work jobs and support families, and, be -- colleges have an interest in making a profit and not doing that. >>. >> alisyn: lindsey and don, thanks for coming in. remember the amanda knox case, the student convicted of killing her roommate en italy? and fbi agent who thought she was guilty says now the evidence does not add up and he'll join us next. do you sleep with your cell phone in your bed, the startling
9:21 am
number of us who cannot pull away even when institutiosnoozi e-mails and tweets on this, coming up. man with computer. if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, i'll get a check for the differencautomatically. [ale announcer ] when you orbitz, you know. like 100% whole grain, the way triscuit does, you always end up with something delicious. ♪ triscuit. weave some goodness.
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9:24 am
>> dave: welcome back, remember amanda knox? she has been in an italian prison three years for the murder of her brush roommate, meredith kirscher. >> alisyn: now and fbi agent who thought she was guilty now says he is innocent. mr. moore joins us from los angeles. >> good morning, how are you. >> alisyn: well. what changed our mind about her? >> the evidence. simply, the evidence. >> alisyn: specifically, what? >> well, there are four things, really, that made the difference. number one, the crime scene pretty much precludes their
9:25 am
involvement. number 2, their psychological profile doesn't work. they are not murderers and three, this evidence used against them was bad or suspect at best. and four, the prosecutor and the chief detective in this case, have both been sentenced to prison for malfeasance. those four things alone would have done it. >> dave: it was riddled with errors but the real evidence, from what i recall, was the knife that had the victim's dna on the blade, that had amanda knox's dna on the handle. how do you dispute that? that seemed to be the smoking gun that put her away. >> the knife, the prosecutor's own witness said the knife couldn't have done two of the stab wounds to the victim. so, if you couldn't have done two of them, and the third one was just a slash, and it could have been any knife and the knife couldn't have done the murder. the dna on that, fits so good,
9:26 am
why won't they let the prosecution or let an independent examiner or an independent lab look at it? they've refused to let anybody look at that -- those dna results, and that is what i mean by suspicious. if it is good evidence, why aren't you going to show it to people and i also saw the video of them collecting that and they opened a drawer, full of knives and took one and miraculously that was the knife. >> alisyn: one of the other things that incriminated her was her behavior at the police station and she said she was way too up beat and maybe doing a cartwheel and said when they interrogated her she said she had a vision of some sort, about her roommate's death. how do you explain those things. >> go to the interrogation, i've seen third world intelligence services do the exact same interrogation and they kept her -- interrogated her 43 hours over five days and the last 8 hours, for some reason, they chose to go from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and they used 12 detectives, who were going in, two at a time to
9:27 am
stay fresh for an hour, no food, no water, no coffee, no bathroom breaks and basically broke her and got her to say, confusely, i remember somebody else coming out of the room, and she said what they wanted, they stopped the interrogation. >> dave: fascinating, her appeal expected to begin november 24th in italy, steve moore, we appreciate it, former fbi agent, an intriguing story, we'll stay on it. >> alisyn: coming up we have been following this closely, an iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning apparently has a new punishment. but, not if a new and very powerful ally can help it. we'll tell you. >> clayton: look at this. a 3d image of a little girl, playing, being placed in the road to get drivers to pay attention. is this actually more dangerous, though? >> alisyn: in time for labor day, cooking up juicy burgers, and former top chef contestant.
9:28 am
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>> dave: a nice tune, nice soothing tune. perfect sunday morning. >> clayton: welcome back to -- we'll figure out the musical selection, a little bit later, welcome back to "fox & friends," this morning. and, we are talking about cell phones, because, earlier in the
9:32 am
show we ran a you? study which shows people more than ever before are going to bed, 65% of them don't admit to having slept with their cell phone on or next to their bed. >> alisyn: and we wonder, what this is problem with that, since we're apparently in the this 65%, and that is what -- that is what happens, sometimes you are reading something and you fall asleep. and sometimes you use it as an alarm and sometimes you wanted to check something, the first second you wake up and it makes sense to me. >> dave: we cannot separate. cannot separate from these thien things, and 90% of the 18 to 29-year-olds do that. >> clayton: and you use it as an alarm clock. i don't have an alarm clock. >> dave: i use them as an alarm clock and first thing, reading e-mails and news headlines and i walk to the bathroom, and my wife says, are you reading the news at 5:00 a.m. and often my answer is... yeah. i'm not proud. but, yeah, do you do that, we asked, and
9:33 am
diana says, truly people are addicted and i think they end up being more lonely because they've let the devices reduce real communication. >> alisyn: yes, dave and clayton. >> dave: agreed. >> clayton: she's onto something. i study a few weeks ago, i'd love to do a segment on it, cell phone parents which is, like you see the mom on her cell phone texting and the kid in the park, mom, mom, mom, hold on a second, aim text i-- i'm texting and it detrimental effect on communications and families. >> alisyn: and, for decades i've always had my land line on my table next to my bed and now i have my coal foeb there. exact -- cell phone there, exactly, eric and some people find it strange. >> julie: a tweet from the joyful... whatever. of course, we all sleep with the celly by our bed, even before mobile phones we had bedside
9:34 am
phones for decades. maybe it's not as bad as -- if it there is for an emergency and just there, if someone needs you but i think ours is there for a different -- >> alisyn: also, like -- sleeping with it next to your bed, on the night table is one thing, but, do you -- >> clayton: i like to make sure it is cooing as it goes to sleep and i'll put in ear buds and listen to a podcast and fall asleep with it under my pillow and here's another tweet, yes, cell on bedside table and check twitter an facebook within the first five to 10 minutes awake and not sure how i feel about my stats. true, though, a lot of people wake up and do that. but, let me ask you, our habits -- technology, like the land line phone next to the bed is a cell phone. >> dave: i don't think so. i think it is because we cannot
9:35 am
disconnect. >> clayton: a am/fm radio and listened to the phillies and fell asleep with my old sony walk man. >> alisyn: i fell asleep on the phone with my best friend, we wouldn't hang up because we wanted to talk first thing, debbie, if you wake up first, yell and idle wake up, that is... i had a long history of the intimate phone calls. >> clayton: until your father goes, this bill, 24 hours straight phone call? >> alisyn: let's get to your headlines. shall we? all right, meanwhile, we start with a serious story, because at least five iranian companies are paying the taliban, apparently, to kill american troops in afghanistan. this is according to a report this morning, in the the sunday times, of london, and afghan intelligence and taliban forces say the firms paid $1,000 for every american soldier killed, and, up to $6,000 for blowing up a military vehicle. and the iranian embassy in kabul
9:36 am
had no comment on this disturbing report. vatican says this morning it may launch a diplomatic effort to try to spare the life of a woman who is the iranian woman charged with adultery who was sentenced to death by stoning and the sentence is on hold but she may be hanged instead and faces 99 lash force a photo showing her failing to wear a head scarf and her family and the paper that published the photo say it's not her. the white house latchesunches a to help struggling homeowners, who owe more than their homes are worth by asking banks to writ down loans. the federal government would reissue the mortgages to the homeowners. the white house hopes to have more success with this plan than with the other mortgage program, where half of the homeowners enrolled, then dropped out. and, take a close look at the girl in this picture. it is actually a 3d image painted on the pavement.
9:37 am
they plan to use the optical illusion to get drivers to pay attention, drivers will actually see the image from 100 feet away, and she'll fade away as they get closer and the idea is aimed at getting drivers to slow down and drive more safely. as long as they are not staring at the photo and getting into accidents and a student is ordered to remove a large american flag from his pickup truck, he says a security guard said it might make kids of other nationalities uncomfortable. >> really, it is frustrating. i don't see... i don't see the reasoning. it's not unsafe. i mean, i have them secured, its not disrespecting the flag. they don't touch the ground. >> alisyn: the school was unaware of the incident and has to policy against flying the american flag and bans anything that disrupts the educational environment, the school's principal says she plans to talk with security about this issue. those are your headlines.
9:38 am
>> clayton: let's toss to to rick reichmuth, joined by ryan scott, former top chef contestant. grilling things up today. >> rick: the weather is good almost across the country and everybody will take advantage of the last weekend to barbecue and you don't want people to do a regular oldham burger. >> we'll swicht tch it up and w we'll do is take the hamburgers off and we will do an aloha burger, and, a southwest burger and one is on tortillas and the other is on a bun and we'll take sweet and sour and brush it on top of the hamburger last second, once it is done, almost like a teriyaki glaze and a little bit sweeter, and... >> rick: and, ryan had a great hit at 7:30, put a hole in the middle of the burger and it doesn't blow up. >> doesn't make the nasty mess in the middle of it. and take it over here, we have a burger that came they've grill and has the glaze and let's talk about this quick. we have tortillas, too,
9:39 am
pineapple, some people find it hard to find a pineapple in season, and best thing, if the top pops out easily it is ripe and, if it smells good, too, clean the pineapple fast and take both sides in a get the... bring that up, and my friend, once you make -- make south of the west, over here and i have morningstar burgers, which are vegetarian and you are a meat-eater kind of guy and i'll rip this up in the middle of this and you have both tortillas and build it together, and this is things you can do in the the store that are simple and easy and take this and make the corn and the black beans together and squeeze a little lime juice in there with the sale safe. and, i will put your burger together over here and take that sweet and sour glaze on top of this. and, bell persons, really simple, peel the outside and threw them on the grill and also
9:40 am
with the grilled pineapple and use the canned ones if it is easier and, you get the whole... a squeeze is good and makes with the parsley and, this is chipotle powder and add a dash of that. how spicy do you like it. >> spicy. >> for a ketchup, mustard guy you like it spicy? >> yes. >> i'll build this for you and which one made the better dish. >> dave: i like a lot of lime, so... >> is whthat why you put the whe lime on there. you wanted cheese, too, right. >> dave: that's right. >> if you don't like it, say clayton made it, okay. >> swap. >> swap. cheers, morningstar here and your meat burger, okay? >> rick: good. >> what kind of peppers? >> bell peppers. >> rick: all right, guys. that's good. >> clayton: you orchestrated
9:41 am
that segment well, neither of you can -- >> dave: didn't anyone teach them not to talk with your mouth full? >> clayton: i want a burger. remember the students who let the students vote an autistic boy out of class, she's in hot water again but should she have been able to go back to the classroom? we report, you decide. >> alisyn: and the president's plan to roll out a new economic initiative, this week and the white house insists this is not another stimuluses. will the plan do enough to create jobs or will it spend taxpayers' money? 3q ugh... what's up ?
9:42 am
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>> dave: president obama pledging his administration will step up the effort to put americans back to work. >> president barack obama: i will be addressing a broader
9:45 am
package of ideas, next week. we are confident that we are moving in the right direction. but we want to keep this recovery moving stronger and accelerate the job growth that is needed so desperate lay across the country. >> clayton: but the white house denies rumors of a second stimulus and so what will we see? do we need this kind of spending. joining us is matt mccall, president of the penn financial group, matt, nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> clayton: what if anything can the white house do, two months left to get the economy rolling again, anything. >> if you do less they are actually doing more in the situation, the more government intervention we have had, really has actually slowed or economy more and put more uncertainty on a lot of small businesses, and, that is a big thing, going on now, with two months until the election, a lot of small businesses are sitting on a lot of cash and they are not out there hiring, because there is an uncertainty of what will the government do next and i think doing nothing is actually the
9:46 am
best thing, right now. >> dave: one thing that is clear, the word stimulus does not register well with the american people and they'd have a -- it would have a hard time passing and the white house said about further stimulus, the options under consideration, build on measures the president has previously proposed and we are in the considering a second stimulus package and the president and his team are discussing several options, as they have been for months and no final decisions have been made and is that because of the lack of popularity, because of the word stimulus, what that does, to the american voters, will they repackage it and call it something different or is it strictly about tax cuts now. >> it should be about tax cuts if anything but it goes back to the word "stimulus" which is a word now that the voters don't want to hear. they realize, initial stimulus did not work and if it did we wouldn't be sitting at 9.6% unemployment and the last thing, we want it's a bigger deficit and spending more money from a new stimulus package. >> clayton: but to challenge that, do they have facts on their side, paul krugman says
9:47 am
facts are on the side of the second stimulus and thought the white house did not go far enough and infuse enough money to match the $1.2 trillion stimulus and, you hear the numbers and it sends shivers downer spine and he says it needs to be more money the government needs to unfuse. >> the fact is, why do you do a stimulus, right? to get the economy moving and to get rid of unemployment, or lower unemployment and, our economy is really not moving and we are down to 1.6% gdp and unemployment rate at 9.6% and a good chance, it hits 10% and, he can say all he want but the facts prove the first stimulus did not work and, why continue to spend and increase our deficit, putting us at risk for the economy to really blow up an interest rates can explode and the dollar could fall apart and the country will be in more trouble. >> dave: they're in a tough spot, they want good news economically and political points and will be stuff to
9:48 am
score with two months left to go. matt mccall, thanks. >> clayton: coming up, remember the teacher investigated for discriminating against an autistic student in her kindergarten class? she's facing more charges this morning, should she have been let back in the classroom in the first place if we'll debate that next. if cars didn't need keys? [ clicking ] if yu could talk to them with this? [ beep ] wouldn't it be cool if you made a legend available to everyone? if there was a step right there? ♪ if you turbocharged this little guy? ♪ wouldn't it be cool if old water bottles became new seats? ♪ if your car could clean up the air just like that? if you never bought another gallon of gas? or what if cars could read youexpressions, if they moved together like schools of fish, and had force fields?
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>> alisyn: remember this story? it was about a five-year-old boy with autism and he was forced to stand in front of his peers, by his teacher, so they could vote him out of class. well, that teacher, wendy fortillo facing charges of discrimination against a student, for refusing to wear a microphone, to help a child with a hearing disability hear better in class. should she have been let back into the classroom in the first place? here for a fair and balanced
9:52 am
debate on that, fox news contributor, tamara holder and criminal prosecutor steven razor, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> alisyn: let's rewind the tape and go back to the first episode, with the teacher and she had the autistic boy stand in front of the class and asked the kids in his class to raise their hands, whether or not they thought he should be kicked out, and after that, the school fined her $500, and, put her on one year probation, should she have been more severely penalized back then? >> well, you know, a year probation without being paid whatsoever is pretty stiff, especially, because she was a tenured teacher and what a lot of people don't know is that she did not know at the time of the survivor-type discipline, what was her goal here is to have a survivor-type environment for these kids, that the kid was being tested for autism and i'm in the defending her behavior, by any means, but, she didn't know that the kid at the time, did have autism. >> alisyn: steven, now, let's go
9:53 am
to the current case, after that whole episode the teacher is now in trouble again, because she refused to wear this audio enhancement device, microphone, that would have helped a hearing impaired child, in her class. and, is there some sort of connection where she seems to be at best insensitive to kids with disabilities in her class. >> that is exactliy the point, which is basically the first incident, maybe tamara can make the argument then but cannot make it now, because, now we know that that teacher has a pattern of behavior which is negative towards disabled students, and, those are precisely the students of which she's entrusted with that need a higher standard of care, not a lower standard and, so, yes. she should know better and not only her, by the way, alisyn, but the school itself has to bear responsibility here, because, they cannot say they did not see it coming. >> alisyn: the school district agreed to retrain the teachers as a result of this to
9:54 am
consistently use their microphones, is that enough. >> that is exactly why i don't think i'm wrong in this situation, she's not necessarily a discriminatory teacher, the department of education investigated the second case not wearing microphones in class and she wasn't the only one, there were two other teachers that were doing that. and they determined they needed -- there were compliance issues and needed to retrain the students, and, so, on the surface, it looks like discriminatory behavior but, these two other teachers engaged in the activity is not necessarily the case. i think these other teachers saved her from locking like discriminatory person. >> alisyn: steven, what should happen now to the teacher, given what tamara is saying, she was not alone. >> the fact she's not alone has no bearing on her activity and what she did. the fact that she found some other people that might have been like minded, and may have made the same mistake and may have equally been negligent do. >> didn't -- >> does not take away her
9:55 am
responsibility. she should have been on a heightened alert towards disabled students after the first offense where she was upset an distraught about, should have learned her lesson and obviously did not. and, then, let me mention on the retraining issue, how much retraining does a teacher need in order to simply put her microphone on? again, this is important, because, there is a corollary to the prior case, in that she -- was she not aware there was a hearing impaired child in the classroom if if she was she should have had the microphone on and that is intuitive and any teacher would know that and be aware of their student's situations and particular vulnerabilities and both cases she is claiming not to have been aware. >> alisyn: your response, what do you think should happen now to her. >> well, i know that the department of education and the school, they investigated this. this woman is potentially or is a liability to the school. so, it's not like they are brushing it under the rug -- >> so you are admitting that she
9:56 am
is a liability? night let her finish. sure, go ahead. >> thank you. so, what -- the unemployment rate in the county alone, is 25 or -- 25% of the people are unemployed. and so you know, they are trying to save people's jobs here. so, like -- let's give the teacher a break, investigate the facts, and, determine here, that, you know, it wasn't a pattern and practice by the teacher. they would have fired her if they found discrimination. >> alisyn: tamara hold, steven razor, thanks for coming in and debating this and we'll obviously keep or viewers updated on what happens in the case. thanks so much. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. [ lisa ] my nams lisa, and i smoked for 29 years. the one thing about smoking -- is it dominates your life, and it dominated mine. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. ♪
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